All caught up, and still more to do. (And a clip show!)

The last post on the cowl clean-up job was the last "historical" post I had. Historical, in this sense, as in "the past", not "joining the canon of Great American Literature, soon to be required reading for incoming freshmen".

Up till now, I've been doing new projects and blogging the old projects. The old projects are almost in the same order I actually did them, but if they're out of order, I note that in the post.  So if you're asking "what's the order to restore an old Mustang?", you're seeing an answer here. Maybe not the right answer, but it's how I'm doing it. 

Now I'm out of old work to post up here. Any new posts will be essentially live, as-it-happens. Which means I'll start posting not just the work in the garage, but research results, parts selection, and other background material.

The car was purchased in September 2011, and work started in January 2012. So, we're coming up on 5 years on this project. Projecting out at my current rate of progress, I expect to be done in 2019, give or take 2 years. So, back to work.

Sept 2011

June 2013

Sept 2013

July 2014 
Oct 2014

Jan 2012

Mar 2013

Sept 2014

Nov 2014

Jan 2015

June 2015

Aug 2015

April 2016

Mar 2016

Mar 2016

May 2016

Jun 2016

Aug 2016

Oct 2016

Nov 2016

And the beat goes on...


Anonymous said…
I can't believe it's been 5 years already! You've persevered thru lots of difficulties and it's turning out great! Can't wait for the first ride! : ) PFC
Anonymous said…
Looking good!
lone ranger said…
thank you for your posts,pictures and helpful comments.